The BIOSLED dynamic backpack is an eye-catching artifact wherever you go

As a player who likes tossing, there are a lot of novel products, some like and some are very practical. For products such as backpacks, everyone has a need to use them, whether it is fashion or business! All have their own users! Recently, the author experienced a very interesting product-BIOSLED dynamic backpack. This backpack comes with a LED display, which can be used to edit and send images and text through the WeChat public account. A backpack like this one has a 100% return rate, especially when you go out at night, it will make your eyes shine! Have you been waiting for a long time? As the latest and leading LED backpack, it is here for you!

At first glance, you will think it is an ordinary but stylish backpack, but this backpack is full of black technology! When the backpack is not plugged into a power source, it is not sure from the outside that this is an LED backpack, but the front material looks special, unlike a normal backpack design.

The BIOSLED dynamic backpack has a zipper design on the outside, which is opened on both sides. The zipper has good workmanship and texture, the surface is very smooth, and the hand feels very good! It's easy to open the bag!

The BIOSLED dynamic backpack has a handle design, which is very integrated from the overall sense. In addition to carrying it, it can also be carried by hand. The design elements on the backpack are very cool, they are all overlaid with color sketches of shoes. I think this color scheme is very suitable for female users, whether it is going out to carry or receiving a commercial advertising display is very good!

The shoulder strap design of the BIOSLED dynamic backpack also integrates the overall style. The anti-slip buckle above can adjust the length of the strap and adjust the size to fit your shoulder. The anti-slip buckle is made of metal, which is not only high-end but also more durable than plastic buckles! For users like backpacks who often go out, this kind of non-slip buckle is also more comfortable!

The BIOSLED dynamic backpack is powered by a power bank. When you open the front zipper, you can see the hidden USB data cable. There is also an inner pocket for the power bank. The backpack is equipped with a 10000mAh power bank, which is in terms of weight and battery life. There are no problems.

The space of the BIOSLED dynamic backpack is also great. In addition to the LED display function on the front, this backpack has a large space for placing a variety of digital devices such as iPads, mobile phones, power banks, and notebooks! If you don't put these, you can also put one or two summer clothes, or some other daily necessities.



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