AI intelligent interactive car screen: safe and interesting new driving experience

I believe that you have seen a lot of taxis on the road with an LED display that can display various advertisements or information. Do you think it is cool and fun? Have you ever thought about installing a piece in your own car? Recently, Happy Groom, a sub-brand of Shenzhen Research Color Technology, launched a new generation of AI smart interactive screen car Xiaobao No. 2. With TA installed, we can not only play with various cool screen displays but also experience fun Are the new and old drivers very excited about the voice interactive driving? Then take a look at my experience.

In the packaging display of the product, the definition of Chexiaobao No. 2 is to express what you think in real-time with trendy technology and cool play. I believe that many new and old drivers will always want to express their feelings on the road. Now with the help of Chexiaobao No. 2 product, We can easily achieve it, and suddenly I have a very bold idea. . . . . :)

There are not many items in the package. In addition to Che Xiaobao No. 2, there are car chargers, fixed suction cups (one on each side), and instructions.

There are two different versions of Che Xiaobao No. 2, the GPRS version I have experienced, which supports voice interaction and management and control using WeChat. China provides free data usage for one year at a data rate of 25 yuan/year. In addition, the official also provides another WIFI version, which has a dedicated APP for management and control, but you don't need to pay for data traffic. Which one is more suitable for you ultimately depends on your choice.

The 160*32 pixels full-color wide screen design adopted by Che Xiaobao No. 2 has a size of 49.5cm*11cm. Personally, it is similar to the similar products on the roof of a taxi, except that the specifications are slightly smaller. The screen is used The full-color high-brightness LED lamp beads are brilliant and bright, and they are still clear and sharp even in the filmed car windows. At the same time, the wide-screen picture is more in line with the reading habits of the human eye.

The outer frame is made of aluminum alloy material, which is strong and resistant to compression and deformation and is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. It can protect the screen well in daily use and avoid external damage. In addition, the four corners of Che Xiaobao No. 2 It also uses rounded corners, which not only improves the aesthetics of the product but also prevents bumps.

The upper part on the left side is the power socket, and the lower part is the mounting screw hole of the vacuum suction cup bracket.

The back of Che Xiaobao No. 2 is displayed. I said that what I experienced is the GPRS version, which supports voice interaction. The middle part is the microphone for picking up the sound. The personal test voice wake-up sensitivity is good, unfortunately only installed at the moment Chinese speech recognition engine.

The installed vacuum suction cup bracket provides multi-angle adjustment and can be adapted to the rear windows of various models. The installation is also very simple. It can be completed by tearing, gluing and pressing. It is completely DIY.

For the Open-Box display of Che Xiaobao No.2, here is the end. Let’s take a look at the operation of the WeChat terminal. Let’s use the management interface of the official account terminal to see how this cool product is played?

Follow the instructions in the manual to find and follow the "Hi Groom" official account, then click to enter the Che Xiaobao page, you need to add Xiaobao for the first use, scan the QR code on the back of the product to bind, the process is quite fast after the binding is successful Click the My Little Treasure option to see the status of the product.

There are a lot of functions provided in the app. Let’s take a look at them one by one. First, enter the program list option. Here is the current display content of Che Xiaobao No. 2, which can display a single message or group by group. To display the content, it depends on the individual. If you are not satisfied with the content, you can edit it here, which is very user-friendly. New programs are program editing. The app provides four different templates for editing. If you are not satisfied with these template templates, users can also customize editing. The material library is named Siyi to provide prepared content, including text and animation, just click and send if you like.

Just looking at the picture may be too monotonous, so I will show you the animation template and the material library with animated pictures. Will the animated fonts and pictures be cooler? In fact, the effect is better on the car, let’s look at the effect of getting on the car below

The rear window of the car is a bit low. In order not to block the rear view and affect the driving, I personally choose the lowest installation. If it is an SUV, install it at will. After all, the rear window of this type of car is basically vertical.

The first demonstration of using Xiaobao 2 when getting off the car during the day, although the sunlight is very dazzling, but the display is still quite sharp and clear from the animation, but the more exciting is the text animation displayed on the screen when night falls. Bringing amazing, let’s look down~


The utility vehicle Xiaobao 2 is not only for warning or entertainment, but also for advertising.

Finally, let’s make a summary: Overall, the experience of Che Xiaobao No. 2 is still good, the product materials are solid, the full-color screen is amazing, the voice operation is very user-friendly, and of course the content is quite rich. Officially provided, you can also do DIY operation. It is very fun. Install one on your own food cart. It can be used as a warning and can also be used as a mobile billboard. So those in need may wish to consider it.


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